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Open sinus lifting can be avoided by using pterygoid, short, wide-threaded implants.

When the amount of bone is very limited, we use ultra-thin, single-cavity implants.

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Current dental implant promotions with final prices


Implant AlphaBio (Israel) with zirconia crown € 980 (final price)* / When threading 3 and more
ONLY €899 for 1 piece.
Megagen Implant (South Korea) with rhinestone crown € 1100 (final price)* / When threading 3 and more
ONLY €1120 for 1 piece
Implant Straumann (Switzerland) with zirconia crown € 1190 (final price)* / When threading 3 and more
ONLY €1030 for 1 piece.

– 2 implants and 2 zirconium crowns ONLY from € 1960
– 2 implants and 3 zirconia crowns ONLY from € 2260
– 2 implants and 4 zirconia crowns ONLY from € 2560

* – the price is not valid for upper front teeth.

Implant prices include healing heads if placed immediately. If after healing
after the healing period, the healing head will cost €40.

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FINAL PRICE INCLUDING WORKS €3697. Now even €800 less!

„All teeth on 4 implants“


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Using dental implants

Tooth loss has plagued people throughout history, it does now, and it is likely to continue to do so in the future. These days, losing a tooth can be a stress-free experience, as constantly advancing medical technology makes it possible to quickly recover one, a few or even all of your natural-looking and perfectly functioning teeth. These are the excellent qualities of teeth that are restored in the most professional and effective way available today: with implants.

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Professional root substitute

Dental implants are small titanium screws that are threaded into the jawbone, where they eventually take root and permanently replace the natural tooth root. This small device becomes the perfect support for dental crowns and bridges, thus replacing the tooth root. In addition, with modern single-tooth implants, nearby teeth or restorations will not be damaged, which was simply not possible in the past with prostheses. This is why this professional method is confidently hailed as a miracle by the entire dental community. It is the only way for patients to regain teeth that are uncomfortable, comfortable, functional and exceptionally attractive.

Implants save in various situations

First of all, implants can be used in a variety of situations: when one, several or even all teeth are missing.

When one or more teeth are missing, implants allow you to protect the surrounding teeth: they are not ground down, they remain natural, intact and indistinguishable from the natural teeth. If only 1 tooth is missing, a single implant is threaded in and an aesthetically pleasing crown is placed on top. When several adjacent teeth are missing, no implant is needed to restore each of them: a multi-teeth bridge can be placed on top of the two implants, which is stable and doesn’t strain the bone. Types of implants: helical implants, plate implants, subgingival implants.

If there are no teeth in the mouth at all, implants make it possible to do away with uncomfortable, discomforting removable dentures. A single edentulous jaw requires between 4 and 8 implants for a quality replacement, on which a much smaller, more comfortable and more aesthetic dental plate or a modern, stable denture can be placed.


This type of implant placement does have a number of advantages, such as it ensures a secure attachment of the implant, does not put any strain on the tooth, and costs less because it does not require the fabrication of a temporary dental crown. However, this method is suitable mostly for molars. If the bone is stable and during implantation it can be seen that the implant is also firmly threaded, then the mucosa-forming healing head is immediately placed on the implant and the procedure of opening the implant is avoided.



Implant manufacturer
Prosthetic part
1 Alpha Bio implant price 510 €
Zirconia ceramics on implant
470 €
Suma :980 €
1 Megagen implant price 620 €
Zirconia ceramics
480 €
Suma :1100 €
1 Straumann implant price 680 €
Zirconia ceramics
510 €
Suma :1190 €
1 SLActive® implant price 790 €
Zirconia ceramics
510 €
Suma :1300 €

Ponte a tre denti

If you lose three teeth, it is not necessary to thread three implants to replace them. The solution – a three-tooth bridge on two implants

Implant manufacturer
Prosthetic part
2 Alpha bio implants 1020 €
Zirconia ceramics
1240 €
Suma :2260 €
2 Megagen implants 1240 €
Zirconia ceramics
1260 €
Suma :2500 €
2 Straumann implantai € 1360
Zirconia ceramics
1320 €
Suma :2680 €
2 SLActive® implanted €1580
Zirconia ceramics
1320 €
Suma :2900 €

Bridge for 10-12 teeth

If you are suffering from complete edentulousness or have only a few remaining useless teeth, the solution is a 10-12 tooth bridge on 4 implants (all on 4)

Implant manufacturer
Prosthetic part
All on 4 AlphaBio implants and 4 Multi-Unit abutments 2440 € (12 teeth)
Zirconia ceramics
4999 €
Suma :7439 €
Metal ceramics
3399 €
Suma :5839 €
Acrylic on metal frame
2399 €
Suma :4839 €
All on 4 Megagen implants and 4 Multi-Unit abutments 2880 € (12 teeth)
Zirconia ceramics
4999 €
Suma :7879 €
Metal ceramics
3399 €
Suma :6279 €
2399 €
Suma :5279 €
All on 4 Straumann implants and 4 Multi-Unit abutments 3120 € (12 teeth)
Zirconia ceramics
4999 €
Suma :8119 €
Metal ceramics
3399 €
Suma :6519 €
Acrylic on metal frame
2399 €
Suma :5519 €
All on 4 SLActive® implants and 4 Multi-Unit abutments 3560 €
Zirconia ceramics
4999 €
Suma :8559 €
Metal ceramics
3399 €
Suma :6959 €
Acrylic on metal frame
2399 €
Suma :5959 €

14 teeth

If you are completely edentulous and your jaw is able to cope – the solution is 14 teeth on 6 dental implants

Implant manufacturer
Prosthetic part
6 AlphaBio implants and 4 Multi-Unit abutments 3060 € (14 teeth)
Zirconia ceramics
4999 €
Suma :8059 €
Metal ceramics
3399 €
Suma :6459 €
Acrylic on metal frame
2399 €
Suma :5459 €
6 Megagen implants and 4 Multi-Unit abutments 4120 € (14 teeth)
Zirconia ceramics
4999 €
Suma :9119 €
Metal ceramics
3399 €
Suma :7519 €
Acrylic on metal frame
2399 €
Suma :6519 €
6 Straumann implants and 4 Multi-Unit abutments 4480 € (14 teeth)
Zirconia ceramics
4999 €
Suma :9479€
Metal ceramicskeramika
3399 €
Suma :7879 €
Acrylic on metal frame
2399 €
Suma :6879 €
6 Straumann SLActive® implants and 4 Multi-Unit abutments 5140 € (14 teeth)
Zirconia ceramics
4999 €
Suma :10139 €
Metal ceramics
3399 €
Suma :8539 €
Acrylic on metal frame
2399 €
Suma :7539 €

Fixation of removable denture

If you want to smile confidently all over the world, but want to avoid more difficult prosthetic procedures, you can choose the 2 implants solution for fixing removable dentures

Implant manufacturer
Plate with fixation on 2 implants with prosthetic fittings
Total amount
2 Alpha Bio implants 1020 €
1000 €
Suma :2020 €
2 Megagen implants 1240 €
1000 €
Suma :2240 €
2 Straumann implants 1360 €
1000 €
Suma :2360 €
2 Straumann SLActive® implants 1580 €
1000 €
Suma :2580 €

Dental implant manufacturers:

MEGAGEN – the implant system has been designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding patients. Therefore, we can safely say that Megagen is the most suitable solution for those who are looking for reliability, high quality, guarantees and a perfect result. More: About Megagen dental implants

NEOBIOTECH is a South Korean implant manufacturer with a research and development centre with highly qualified researchers who focus on developing innovative implants. Neobiotech can offer a variety of solutions for implant dental reconstruction.

Implant features:

  • Helps to maintain long-term stability of the bone level and better aesthetic appearance;
  • Advanced technology that shortens the healing time and reduces implant rejection time;
  • Withstands vertical and lateral forces;
  • The unique design improves initial fixation, making it ideal for single-unit implant placement.

DENTIS is a South Korean implant manufacturer, distinguished by the variety of implants and innovation in technology. The implants are made of titanium, with SLA surface and tapered connection. This particularly increases the chances of implant attachment, provides stability and faster adhesion.

BIOGENESIS is a South Korean implant manufacturer committed to quality and value for money. These state-of-the-art dental implants make dental implant placement more comfortable, pain-free and faster. The advantages of Biogenesis dental implants are the deep threads and the different heights of the helical parts of the implants, which allow the implant to be threaded into different bone tissues without altering the condition of the bone. The implants have high strength and are made of titanium.

NOBEL BIOCARE is a pioneer in the field of dental implants, with more than 50 years of experience. Headquartered in Switzerland. Nobel Biocare implants are currently sold in more than 70 countries and come with a lifetime guarantee. Read more about these implants here.

NEODENT – implants from the Straumann Group, with high strength, made of pure titanium. Faster fit than titanium alloy dental implants.

NEW! The Straumann SLActive® implant with no analogue in the world. Now we can also offer the Straumann SLActive® implant with a guarantee not only for the implant itself, but also for the crown. This is a unique first in the field of implantology. More: Straumann dental implants

  • Worried it might not stick?
  • Do you smoke?
  • Have harmful habits?

  • Suffering from a chronic illness?
  • Have bad dental habits?
  • Worried that your implant won’t fit?

These are all part of the reasons why false teeth can be rejected. But not with Straumann SLActive®, which guarantees a faster and better fit of the implant by stimulating the healing process. By activating the blood supply to the bone tissue, reducing inflammation and promoting bone formation, the SLActive® implant actively stimulates the healing process, thus reducing the healing period by almost double and increasing the probability of successful healing up to 99-100%, even in difficult cases.

Straumann offers a lifetime guarantee for all implants, but only the SLActive® implant comes with an additional guarantee for the crown attached to the implant.

Why is this useful?

Immediately after the implant procedure, a temporary dental crown (temporary tooth) can be made on the Straumann SLActive® implant, which also comes with a guarantee.

  • If you are in a high-risk group (harmful habits, chronic diseases), you won’t have to pay extra for treatments.
    The SLActive® implant heals faster, so we can place a permanent crown just 2 months after the implant procedure.
    You only pay once for your dental implants, and even if your body rejects the implant after 9 years, it will be replaced free of charge, and a brand new crown will be made.
    The implant has a 99-100% chance of fitting.

Straumann® SLActive® with zirconia ceramic crown NOW ONLY 1330 EUR. You don’t risk anything, Straumann is responsible for each implant and you only pay once.

Your warranty and peace of mind cost only €1,330.

Additional conditions:

  • The crown is guaranteed for up to 10 years worldwide.
  • The patient must visit the clinic where the implant was placed at least once a year for a preventive check-up.
  • The patient must have professional oral hygiene at least once a year at the clinic where the implant was placed.

During your consultation, the implantologist will select the most suitable implants for your bone condition and create a treatment plan.

  • Improved appearance. The implant looks and feels like a natural tooth of its own between the existing teeth.
  • Convenience. Dental implants don’t need to be removed or permanently bonded after dental implant placement to keep them firmly in your mouth.
  • Better well-being and self-confidence will make you smile again after dental implants! As dental implants do not require procedures on other teeth, you will also feel better because of improved oral health.

  • Comfort. Dental implants become a part of your body between the teeth next to it, unlike dentures which cause discomfort.
  • Better language. Without one or more teeth, your pronunciation can deteriorate drastically, which is why implants are a great way to regain your perfect sound.
  • Reliability. The success rate of a dental implant procedure can reach up to 98% worldwide, even in extremely complicated cases!

Implantation methods

Immediate dental implantation. Immediately after the tooth is removed, under the right conditions, the implant is threaded and a temporary tooth made of plastic is created.

The method has many advantages: it shortens the post-operative healing time, preserves the bone, and requires only one surgical procedure, but it requires much more experience and skill on the part of the doctor. It is most commonly used in the area of the front single-rooted tooth, which is the most visible, and after the tooth has been knocked out, the implant is immediately threaded in and a temporary crown (temporary tooth) is screwed on to avoid hiding the smile. This method is really popular because it results in a shorter implant placement time of 2-6 months, fewer surgical interventions, less post-operative stress and discomfort, and can achieve better aesthetic results as it maintains the contours of the soft and hard tissues. There are only three steps in the single-moment implantation method. The first is the consultation and CT scan, the second is the implant placement and the screwing in of the temporary crown, and the third is the prosthetic restoration, 4-6 months after the implant placement. Single-moment implant placement can be used when there is sufficient bone to thread the implant.

The implantologist will be able to give you an accurate answer after the consultation as to whether this procedure could be adapted to your case.

Vieno etapo metodas

The dental implant is threaded immediately with the healing head. This avoids additional intervention and reduces the healing time by one month. This is a good option when one tooth is missing.

When registering with an implantologist for an implant consultation, it is REQUIRED to have a panoramic photo or CT scan. If you do not have such a picture, it will be available at the Papadent clinic during the consultation. There is a charge for the CT scan.

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Three-step approach

This type of implantation has a number of advantages: it ensures a secure fit, it does not put any strain on the implant, and it costs less financially, as it does not require the fabrication of a temporary dental crown. However, this method is mainly suitable for molars. If the bone is stable and the implant is seen to be stable during the implant placement, a mucous-forming healing head is immediately placed on the implant and the opening procedure is avoided.

Procedure process:

Do I really need implants?

The answer to this question, which is quite often asked, is short and clear: dental implants are the best solution for anyone who has lost teeth for various reasons. It restores aesthetic appearance, functionality and solves oral and dental problems. Dentists recommend that you seek dental implants if:

  • You are missing one or more teeth, whether in the aesthetic or other part;
  • You have lost all your teeth and want to restore the full rows you had before;
  • You suffer from painful, downturned gums;
  • You want to preserve a healthy upper jawbone and avoid extremely harmful atrophy.

In each individual case, dentists fully assess the patient’s condition to make sure that the implantation is really possible and will not harm the patient’s well-being and health in any way. They carefully examine whether there is enough bone in the mouth to place the implants (if not, bone grafting procedures may be recommended), whether there are any infections, connective tissue damage, and whether the gums are healthy, which also play an important role during and after the implantation. Patients can therefore feel confident and trust in doctors who are fully aware of the responsibility of their work and who consistently comply with all requirements.

UAB Dantų gydytojas – rated by patients with the highest rating of 5/5, which has already been left by 31 patients in a short period of time on our official Google account!

Is this procedure suitable for everyone?

Many patients are faced with the question of whether everyone can have dental implants. We can answer that yes, but in all cases, we recommend that you consult your family doctor about your medical condition before starting the implant procedure.

When is bone augmentation necessary?

Dentists always recommend getting dental implants as soon as possible after teeth straightening, as this can help protect the jawbone from decay. If you delay, you may have to undergo jawbone augmentation, which means the implant will take longer and cost more. In this case, after a CT scan has shown that there is not enough bone for the implant, a bone substitute is taken and self-dissolving membranes are used to cover the artificial bone. The artificial bone augmentation can be performed at the same visit as the implantation. The mucosa is sutured and is only opened after 4 to 6 months, when the healing head is screwed in and the prosthetic phase begins. This treatment method is used when there is not enough bone to thread the implant, but a single procedure restores the bone and threads the implant, thus reducing the implant placement time by 4-6 months.

Dental implants are the first aid for anyone who has lost a tooth, because, unlike removable dentures, they preserve their remaining natural teeth, avoiding the build-up of plaque, inflammation of the gums, and profuse bleeding.

If you lose one or more teeth, it is important to seek immediate treatment – if you delay and do not receive constant stimulation, the bone will eventually begin to erode, causing significant aesthetic and functional changes. In just the first year after tooth loss, the bone volume decreases by 25 % and over the years the implant procedure becomes more complex, as it can no longer be carried out without additional bone restoration procedures.
In certain situations, after a CT scan has been performed and it is clear that there is not enough bone for implantation, it is necessary to raise the height of the jaw, in which case bone tissue must be added to the sinus floor. This procedure creates the necessary height of the jaw ridge to ensure a successful dental implant placement. Approximately 4-6 months after the surgery, the bone inserted into the sinus will have grown in the blood vessels and will have fully healed, at which point the dental implants can be threaded. A small incision is made in the mucosa and the implant is threaded in – everything is sutured and left to heal. 4-6 months after the surgery, the prosthetic phase can begin. If a tooth has been removed a long time ago, or if the bone is in a difficult condition and there is not enough bone, then bone grafting is one of the options for restoring the tooth.

UAB Dantų gydytojas – rated by patients with the highest rating of 5/5, which has already been left by 31 patients in a short period of time on our official Google account!

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Zygoma – cheek implants. In cases where the bone is severely numb and the condition of the upper jaw is particularly difficult, zygoma threading is one of the most advanced ways to restore lost teeth. This is a cheek implant that is fixed in the cheekbone, avoiding bone augmentation. The biggest advantage of this treatment is that it allows temporary crowns to be screwed in immediately, avoids long treatment times, avoids possible complications and restores the smile of those who have been told by almost all their doctors that they cannot have an implant.

If you are missing most or all of your teeth, a new smile with the ALL-ON-4® technique in just 24 hours!

We are dental implant specialists in Vilnius who will restore your smile.
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Why are dental implants the best solution?

  • A long-lasting solution. Dental implants can last a lifetime if regularly maintained, whereas dental bridges last a much shorter period of time (around 10-15 years).
  • Adjacent teeth are not damaged. Implants do not involve grinding the surrounding teeth, so they can be kept healthy. Otherwise, the healthy adjacent teeth have to be ground down and the artificial tooth fixed between them.
  • The jawbone is preserved. A dental implant is like an artificial tooth root, it grows in and puts the same load on the jawbone as with natural teeth. For this reason, the jawbone is protected against the loss of the jawbone, which cannot be prevented if a dental bridge or removable denture is chosen.
  • Increased tooth stability. Implants are anchored in the bone, where they are particularly stable. Although the bridge appears to be stable when placed on the teeth, the roots of the teeth, compared to the jawbone, cannot withstand high loads, especially when chewing hard or sticky food. Dental implants are more stable and more resistant to damage.
  • Care like your own teeth. Implants are accepted like natural teeth, with less food residue and easier cleaning. They are cared for like your own teeth.

We work with leasing applications. They allow you to conclude a contract very quickly, right in the clinic. Interest rates from just 6 percent.
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This method of tooth restoration should be chosen when the patient has lost one, several or even all of their teeth. Dental implants are the most advanced way of restoring lost teeth, as they do not require any supporting teeth to be fixed. If the lost teeth cannot be restored over a long period of time, the volume of the bone tissue decreases and the nearby teeth start to move towards the lost teeth. In the long term, this also affects the appearance of the patient: the cheeks become sunken, the chin appears protruding, etc. The patient visually appears older than he or she is, which leads to a deterioration in psychological well-being.

One of the most important advantages of implants is that they prevent further loss of the jawbone and provide much better chewing function. This modern way of restoring teeth helps to create the feeling of natural teeth, so that patients do not have to feel discomfort. If removable dentures are chosen, it is often complained that they do not hold steadily enough, which can lead to difficulties when chewing food or even speaking. In addition, implant-supported teeth are fitted with natural-looking crowns, which help to create an even better aesthetic appearance.

It’s really not worth worrying about pain during the procedure. Patients are always anaesthetised before their dental implant visit, which helps to avoid any unpleasant sensations.

The duration of the dental implant procedure always depends on the patient’s dental condition. The first step is to register for a consultation, during which a dental restoration plan is drawn up. A professional oral hygiene is always recommended before the procedure, and then the date of the dental implant placement is scheduled. In some cases, additional procedures such as jawbone augmentation and/or sinus lifting may be prescribed. Once the implants have healed, the permanent artificial teeth are attached to them. Dental implants usually require 4-5 visits.

When the aim is to place dental implants as quickly as possible, a one-step approach can be chosen – either instant implant placement, in which case the implant is threaded in immediately after the tooth extraction with a healing head, or with a temporary tooth.

Dental implants are not recommended for patients aged 16-17 years. It is also not always an option for patients with certain chronic diseases and for smokers (if the patient smokes more than 20 cigarettes per day). Smoking and chronic diseases can make it difficult for implants to adhere, so this type of tooth restoration may simply be short-lived.


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