Aesthetic restorations


Don’t be afraid to be beautiful. Don’t let dental imperfections ruin your attractiveness. Aesthetically perfect, healthy teeth will make a difference in how you feel and how others perceive you. Every detail is important in the aesthetics of your smile: the color of your teeth, the straightness of your teeth, the shape of your teeth, the symmetry of your teeth, the spaces between filled teeth, etc.


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Aesthetic dental fillings at papadent are performed by:


What are the problems with your smile?

Aesthetic restorations can also be performed if the patient’s teeth are affected by decay, discolouration, wear or chipping. It is also very common for aesthetic fillings to be chosen when the gap between the teeth is to be closed or when the position or colour of the tooth is simply unsatisfactory. It is very important to note that aesthetic restorations cannot be performed when the root of the tooth is damaged, the crown tissue is practically missing, or when the damage is deep below the gums. In such cases, dentures are recommended. In extremely complex situations, even the entire jaw can be replaced using the ALL-ON-4 (all teeth on 4 implants) technique.


  • Tooth discolouration: yellow teeth, discoloured teeth,
    darkened teeth.
  • Crooked arch of the front teeth.
  • Worn, chipped and broken teeth.
  • Tooth decay.
  • Unaesthetic gaps between the teeth.
  • Other problems.

Estetinio plombavimo kaina

We offer very attractive prices for aesthetic fillings, depending on the individual situation: shape, colour, tissue condition, location in the mouth, etc. For example, the front teeth require much more attention than the molars, simply because the front teeth require perfect aesthetics. There may be associated problems that will affect the final cost of a cosmetic filling.

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  • We use minimally invasive and maximally tissue-sparing aesthetic filling techniques.
  • Whenever possible, we strive to follow the principle of “one seat at a time”.
  • We guarantee precision-quality aesthetic filling materials
    “Gaenial, Estelite, etc.
  • We are flexible: we work at your convenience for
    the most affordable prices
  • Helping the patient to relax: so the procedure doesn’t take too long
    you can watch videos or films during the filling.


This month – prices from 99€!

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Aesthetic restorations are not just a matter of beauty.

  • Damaged and untreated teeth start to decay. If the enamel of damaged teeth becomes unprotected, nerve channels are stimulated and the teeth become sensitive and painful.
  • The sensitivity of the affected teeth makes it impossible to consume cold, hot, sweet and sour foods and drinks without pain.
  • Damaged and untreated teeth are susceptible and easily affected by bacteria that cause various diseases.
  • Cavities (“holes”) develop much more quickly in unrestored tooth tissues, causing tooth pain and disease.

PAPADENT’s aesthetic filling experts correct your dental defects in the shortest possible time and take care of the whole package – a flawless looking smile.


How long will an aesthetic filling take?

The duration of a cosmetic filling depends on the number of teeth to be filled. For example, if 4-6 teeth are to be filled, it can take between five and seven hours. The duration of an aesthetic filling is determined by how badly the teeth are damaged, sometimes requiring up to two visits to the clinic.
2-4 weeks after the aesthetic filling, a second consultation with the dentist is recommended so that he or she can perform an examination, assess the shape, colour and adhesion of the filling material. To ensure the lasting results of aesthetic restorations, it is recommended to visit the dentist once a year for polishing and minimal corrections.

Teeth filled in this way do not lose their aesthetic appearance for 8 to 10 years. Recently, more and more patients are opting for aesthetic fillings because of the value for money, as the filling looks natural, only 1 to 2 visits are required, and the cost of aesthetic fillings is really low.
Enjoy your new smile after an aesthetic filling, but it is important to know: if the filling was placed in the space between your teeth, it may be harder to pronounce certain sounds for a while, but you will get used to it in a few days and you will be speaking normally again. You may experience tooth sensitivity and sore gums after a cosmetic filling, but these symptoms disappear within a few days. In most cases, the adaptation period lasts up to a couple of weeks, very rarely longer.

Aesthetic restorations: what else you need to know

To assess whether your cosmetic dental problems can be solved with cosmetic restorations, a consultation is required. In cases where the damage to the teeth is too severe, aesthetic restorations with ceramic veneers or full metal-free ceramic crowns may be required. To achieve a better aesthetic result, teeth whitening is sometimes recommended before treatment. A break of 10-14 days is necessary after this procedure. In cases where the teeth need to be lengthened and substantially reshaped, dental impressions are sometimes taken prior to the aesthetic restoration and the image of the future restoration is recreated in wax on a plaster model. This gives a preview of the future result.

Maintenance of aesthetically restored teeth. Direct aesthetic restorations can give you a healthy and beautiful smile for many years, but it is necessary to follow the doctor’s instructions on personal oral hygiene, avoiding extremely hard food and bad habits such as nail biting, holding pens, pencils and nails between the restored teeth. To ensure that the restored teeth and tooth tissues retain their lasting shine, it is recommended not to use aggressive whitening toothpastes and to have a repolishing consultation at least once a year. The care and professional oral hygiene of aesthetically filled teeth is the same as that of natural teeth; it is important to clean them thoroughly with a toothbrush, toothpaste, interdental floss and mouthwash. It is important to note that professional oral hygiene should be performed once every 6 months, so that you can enjoy a beautiful and aesthetic smile for a long time.

If you want to enjoy a long-lasting result – dental veneers, thin ceramic plates can change, restore shape, colour, size and hide irregularities.

If you want to enjoy lasting results

Dental veneers, thin ceramic plates, can change the shape, colour and size of your teeth and hide irregularities. DENTAL VENEERS FROM €397

Frequently asked questions about cosmetic restorations

During the aesthetic filling procedure, the anatomical structure of the tooth is restored, and the ideal shape, colour, direction and size are selected. This method of restoring teeth can be used in various cases: when the tooth tissue is lost for certain reasons, when the patient is not satisfied with the colour, when the aim is to close the gaps between the teeth, etc. The procedure can be performed on patients of any age. It is very important that the process is carried out as early as possible, i.e. when there is little loss of tooth tissue. This prevents other problems.

  • Aesthetic and natural look

You can be sure that you will want to smile as often and as widely as possible after your aesthetic restorations, as the appearance will be extremely aesthetic and, above all, natural. Take a look at the before and after gallery of cosmetic fillings and see for yourself the great results that can be achieved:

  • The most tissue-sparing procedure for the tooth

Another piece of good news is that fillings are the most tissue-sparing procedure.

  • Security

The process uses safe materials that are well tolerated by the human body.

  • Speed

The ideal solution for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time in the dentist’s office. A single tooth filling will take approximately one hour.

  • Comfort during and after the procedure

Another important observation is that the patient will not experience any unpleasant sensations during and after the aesthetic filling.