Computed tomography

Computed tomography is one of the most accurate diagnostic methods used in dentistry. In our clinic, computed tomography and panoramic photography are performed with one of the most modern radiological diagnostic devices, the Hyperion X5 3D. Radiological examinations are necessary for the preparation of a treatment plan before implant, sinus lift and bone grafting surgeries, as they provide virtual images of the patient’s face, the jaw area, root fractures, and bone breaks. CT scans provide a three-dimensional (3D) image of the mouth and surrounding tissues, and are recommended for pre-surgical patients in order to accurately plan the treatment and to assess the condition of the bone, its thickness and to analyse it all in three planes.

  • CT scan of the jaw (3d photo) cost €80 – the service is carried out with a top-of-the-range machine, which shows all the smallest defects, and enables you to draw up a quality treatment plan and implement it.
  • 3D dental photos are taken at our clinic – for your convenience, you can have them taken at our dental clinic in Vilnius.

Advantages of computed tomography with the Hyperion X5 3D radiological diagnostic machine:

  • Safe. The radiation emitted by this X-ray is much lower than the average radiation emitted by other radiological diagnostic machines. With four selectable fields of view and a quick scan of the patient’s mouth, radiation exposure is kept to a minimum. At the same time, a high-resolution image is obtained which can be analysed in different sections, eliminating the need for multiple scans, thus saving time and costs.
  • Quick. The advanced planning and CT scanning software has the ability to plan the entire treatment, and the implants in the software can be used to see how everything will look after the procedure. The CT scan itself takes up to 15 seconds, so before the patient has time to move, an image of the mouth and teeth is already captured.
  • Optimal. The type and size of CT scan is chosen on a case-by-case basis according to the treatment plan. Depending on the patient’s oral condition, a single-jaw, dual-jaw, universal, child’s jaw or high-resolution scan is performed, respectively obtaining an image ranging in size from 10 cm x 8 cm to 5 cm x 5 cm. Your dentist will choose the most appropriate CT scan size for you based on the condition of your mouth and teeth.
  • Just the right thing to do. Three-dimensional computed tomography provides a clearer image at 75 mkm, which is used in endodontics for root canal treatment. CT scanning allows the condition of the tooth and its tissues to be assessed from all angles, eliminating all distortions. Accurate measurements avoid inaccuracies during implant and other surgical procedures, and avoid damage to nerves and blood vessels and the sinus cavity.
  • Operative. At the patient’s request, CT scans can be recorded on CD, DVD, USB and other computer media, or sent by e-mail. All scans are also stored in our clinic’s database.

The CT scan can be recorded on a media or stored in the Papadent dental clinic. The 3D image of the jaw will give you detailed information about the condition of the bone, its density, width and height. The 3D dental photo will provide you with a detailed treatment plan, which will guide your procedures. Compared to a panoramic dental image, a CT scan shows the entire image in 3D, evaluates important anatomical structures and provides much more information for implant placement and other procedures.


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