Computed Tomography

Computed tomography (CT) is one of the most accurate diagnostic techniques used in dentistry. At our clinic, computed tomography is performed and panoramic image is obtained with one of the most modern radiological diagnostic equipment Hyperion X5 3D. Radiographic studies are necessary for the development of the treatment plan before implantation, sinus lifting and bone augmentation operations as they provide virtual images of the patient’s face, jaw, root decay, bone fracture. A CT scan shows a three-dimensional image (3D) of the mouth and the surrounding tissues, so we recommend it to patients prior to surgical procedures in order to accurately plan treatment and evaluate the condition of the bone, its thickness, and to analyse everything in three planes.

  • Computed tomography (3D images) of the jaw, price from EUR 70  — the service is performed with the best category equipment which shows all the smallest defects, and also creates opportunities to develop excellently implemented treatment plan.
  • Dental 3D image is made at our clinic — for your convenience, you can take a picture at our dental clinic in Vilnius.


Advantages of CT using radiological diagnostic equipment Hyperion X5 3D:

  • Safe. The X-ray-emitted radiation is significantly lower than the average of other radiological diagnostic devices. Optional four fields of view of the patient’s mouth and rapid scanning with radiation exposure reduced to the minimum. At the same time a high-resolution image is made that can be analysed at different angles, so there is no need to do several scans, thus saving time and costs.
  • Quick. Intelligent planning and computed tomography research program has the ability to map out the entire treatment plan by using the present implants and it can be seen how they will look like after the procedure. The CT scan takes up to 15 seconds, so the patient does not start moving when mouth and dental image has already been recorded.
  • Optimal. In each individual case, CT type and size is selected according to the treatment plan. Given the state of the patient’s mouth, one or two jaws, universal, child’s jaw or high-resolution scanning is carried out, and respectively, an image from the size of 10 cm x 8 cm and 5 cm x 5 cm. is obtained. Your dentist will choose the appropriate CT size, paying attention to your mouth and teeth condition.
  • Accurate. CT scan with a three-dimensional view provides a clearer picture of 75 mkm, which is used in endodontics for root canal treatment. Computed tomography provides the opportunity to evaluate the condition of the teeth and the tissue from all sides, all distortions are removed. Having accurate measurements, inconsistencies could be avoided during implantation and other surgical operations, without prejudice to the nerves and blood vessels, sinus cavity.
  • Operative. Under the patient’s request, a CT scan can be recorded on CD, DVD, USB and other computer files, forwarded by e-mail. All tests are stored in the database of our clinic.



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