Why is there a loss of self-esteem?

Adele - All teeth on four implants success story

Adele worked in the HR department of a large company, but was made redundant when the government changed. 😞 Disappointed and thinking she would not find a similar job because of her age, she took a job as a cleaner. Over the last decade, she has taken little care of herself and has undervalued herself. 😢 But when she realised that the loss of some of her teeth meant that she could no longer eat properly and that her digestion was becoming increasingly impaired, she decided to take action. 💪

After receiving recommendations from her colleagues, Adel turned to PAPADENT. During her first visit, she was offered:

🦷 Removal of the remaining maxillary teeth;
🦷 fitting a full jaw denture.

After the elective surgery, Adelė was already enjoying a new, beautiful smile 😊 and less than a year later, she ordered an acrylic-metal dental bridge to replace her temporary denture that was fitted immediately after surgery. She was also pleased that, as her mood changed and her sense of self-esteem grew, Adele became responsible for a group of several cleaners. 🫶
Do you underestimate yourself too? Can’t smile sincerely anymore because of poor dental health? Contact PAPADENT Clinic now! ☎️

As a reminder, we work with the National Health Insurance Fund, so you can get reimbursed.

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