When the desire to communicate is overwhelmed by lost teeth

Elena - All teeth on four implants success story

Elena is a charismatic woman who is active in the community and enjoys the joy of interacting with other people. However, over time, the pleasure of socialising began to be dimmed by the lack of teeth in Elena’s mouth.

She decided to make a change and came to PAPADENT Clinic for an elective implantation. At that time, she had only a few teeth left in her mouth, which were removed during the surgery, and 5 implants were threaded in, and a temporary All-on-4 denture was placed.

After a healing period, the patient opted for a permanent full jaw metal-acrylic denture on 5 implants. Elena was pleased with the result, as she can smile wide again. The joy of life has returned and the desire to communicate has returned. So now Elena can only be found in high spirits.

Don’t wait until your desires are overwhelmed by decayed or lost teeth, register for an initial check-up at PAPADENT. Here you will get all the answers, advice and high quality service you need.

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