Children love genuine smiles

Neringa's success story All-on-4

Neringa, a kindergarten teacher, knows that the easiest language to understand at different ages is a smile. It helps to build children’s confidence and create a bond. Seeing that her teeth were deteriorating and creating internal discomfort, she decided to take decisive action. After all, the quality of her work depends on it.

Neringa contacted PAPADENT dental clinic and registered for an initial consultation. During this consultation, the decision was made to remove three maxillary teeth using the popular All-on-4 technique.

After the teeth were removed, four implants were fitted with a temporary prosthesis. This was replaced six months later by a permanent zirconia denture.

Why did Neringa choose zirconia dentures? Zirconium used in their production adapts perfectly to the gum tissue and is long-lasting and strong. Using the latest technology, natural, aesthetic tooth shades and shapes are achieved.

Now, the kindergarten teacher not only enjoys a tidy mouth, but also has the courage to share smiles with her pupils.

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