Only 24 Hours, But Your Smile Has Changed Immeasurably

Patient Vilhelma first wanted to restore the arch of her lower teeth,, tad pasirinko implantaciją pagal “All-on-4” metodiką. Dr Tomas Stumbrys removed the remaining unsuitable teeth, threaded in 4 implants and a dental technician made a new fixed denture in the laboratory in just 24 hours. More than 1 year later, the patient’s upper jaw was restored using the same technique. Although the patient did not have sufficient funds for an upper jaw implant, tačiau ji pasinaudojo galimybe gydytis išsimokėtinai.


Vilhelma V., a little more than 1 month after her second implantation, shares her gratitude: ‘Thank you to all the wonderful team, who have a passion for their profession and radiate warmth and peace. I am especially grateful to Tomas Stumbris for the complex full-mouth implantation. I can smile again and give smiles to others, which is very lacking, especially in Lithuania. I would like to wish you and all your team the best of luck. Good health and strength!”

The Papadent dentists not only gave the patient’s smile a beautiful aesthetic appearance, but also restored her ability to chew and enjoy her food again. “When the patient arrived at the clinic, her teeth and mouth were in a really bad condition, but after comparing the upper and lower dentures, it was decided to implant the lower denture first. However, as time went on, the patient realised that it was very good to have a fixed denture that wouldn’t fall out of her mouth, so she was not afraid and started the treatment on an installment plan. Of course, she now pays monthly instalments for a beautiful smile, but she can enjoy a full life and smile at everyone around her every day. I think the quality of her life has changed 180 degrees. We are happy together with the patient.”

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