Smile – for yourself or for others?

Aldona - All teeth on four implants success story

Chef Aldona deluded herself for a long time by repeating, “Why have a Hollywood smile if you can’t see it?”. As her teeth deteriorated, she began to notice more and more recurrent digestive problems and gingivitis. She once complained to her daughter in America, who scolded her mother for taking so long. Moreover, she did not wait for her mother to take action, but talked to her friends in Vilnius and asked for recommendations.

Not even two weeks after talking to her daughter, Aldona came to PAPADENT Dental Clinic for an initial check-up. During this appointment, it was decided:

Removal of the remaining teeth in the upper and lower jaws;
apply the All-on-4 technique.

During the elective surgery, under anaesthesia, 4 implants were placed in each of the upper and lower jaws and a temporary prosthesis was fitted.

Some time later, again at her daughter’s urging, Aldona decided to opt for a zirconia-based permanent full denture. She was pleased with the shape, comfort, colour and aesthetics. She also joked that now she would not be ashamed to visit her daughter in America.

We remind you that a smile and healthy teeth are for you, not for others. So don’t wait any longer and get in touch. PAPADENT dental specialists are here to help.

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