The world of entertainment and a dazzling smile are inseparable

Working in the entertainment and events business requires not only creativity, ingenuity and endless ideas, but also a great-looking smile. Communicating with different people, constantly being in the spotlight, speaking to large audiences – this is the daily routine of people working in this field, and an attractive smile can help you overcome the challenges. Donatas is one of the lucky ones who work in this field and give smiles to others every day.

However, as time passed, the condition of his teeth and the aesthetic appearance of his teeth deteriorated and the number of days without a smile increased. A rare smile might give the image of a dull man who dislikes working in entertainment, but it also contradicted the true nature of Aras, who was in fact optimistic, full of energy and interesting ideas. The constant rush led to an unbalanced and inadequate diet, which only exacerbated his dental problems, until one day it became clear that change was necessary.

Going to Papadent Dental Clinic was the start of a positive change. Although the patient only had a few teeth of his own, after a CT scan he was soon to hear the good news: there was enough bone to restore his smile in just one day.

It was decided to use All – on – 4 method and implantation for both jaws. As the dentist notes Tomas Stumbrys,This procedure is the ideal solution for patients who have lost most of their teeth, but want to restore their smile quickly, with minimal time and the possibility of living a full life.

It’s no secret that thinking up scripts is part of Aras’ job, so he jokes that he has also created various scripts, although not the best ones, in order to rebuild his smile. He was convinced that, due to the large number of missing teeth and the desperate condition of the remaining ones, it would not be possible to restore the smile quickly and the treatment process itself would cause a lot of inconvenience.

In just one day, the patient had unsuitable teeth and their roots removed, and each jaw was threaded into 4 implantai bei uždėti estetiški, diskomforto nesukeliantys, fiksuoti protezai. There is another side to working in the field of entertainment and event organisation – you can’t get away from work for a day, so the man is particularly pleased that this innovative procedure did not cause much inconvenience, did not take a lot of time, and the very next day, he was able to live a normal life.

Today, Donatas would like to thank the professionals who know and love their work, not only for the highest quality of service, but also for their attentiveness, valuable advice and flexibility in scheduling appointments – doctors Tomas Stumbris, Justė Vaištaraitė and assistant Jolita Viduto. The man jokes that it is only natural that when people come to him they expect a real celebration (after all, creating and fulfilling a celebration is the goal of Aros), but he certainly did not expect that the visits to the dental clinic would be like a celebration as well. No tension, discomfort, fear or unpleasant surprises – just precise, pre-planned and meticulously executed work, professional advice and, of course, the best emotions that came with seeing the final result. All of this ensured the very best experience for Aras as a patient of the clinic, which is why today rekomenduoja rinktis Papadent visiems, who want the best results.

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