Age is no limit to a wide smile

Many patients only go to a dental clinic when they have broken a tooth or have no teeth left. You still hear that a lot of people of retirement age do not visit dentists just because they no longer expect to have a healthy and beautiful smile. But this myth is shattered by Jeronimas (name changed), who, at the age of 73, went to a dental clinic for dental implants. During a free consultation, he had a CT scan, which showed that his jawbone density was good and suitable for implants. During the procedure, 2 implants were threaded in and 4 months later prosthetics were started. The patient opted for zirconia ceramic veneers, which not only look like natural teeth, but are also strong, aesthetically pleasing, robust and compatible with the human body.

After the end of the treatment, Jeronimas was very happy with the successful conclusion of the treatment and thanked the entire Papadent team: ‘I want to thank all the doctors at the Papadent clinic for their skilled help. I received a high quality fitting of my implants and prostheses. All the staff are very kind and helpful and always provide the necessary information. I am especially grateful to the surgeon and the clinic manager Tomas Stumbris. He is not only a good specialist, but also an excellent manager – his clinic provides very high quality services at reasonable prices. Thank you.”

A dental implant surgeon gydytojas – odontologas Tomas Stumbrys notes that older patients are often afraid that the implants won’t fit, but whatever the age of the patient, bone density is the most important thing for us. And age is not the most important factor here, so very often the bone structure of patients of retirement age is suitable for implantation. Of course, if there is not enough bone, it is possible to do bone grafting before implantation, but the treatment takes longer and costs more, so we always try to find the best financial solution.

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