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Emigration is one of the hottest topics in our country. Although many Lithuanians choose to live abroad, they return to Lithuania for quality medical services. The majority of Lithuanians who have emigrated tend to prefer healthcare services that are available in their home country. Neringa is no exception – a woman who lives and works abroad decided to use Lithuania for her dental restoration needs.

Neringa’s decision was not an easy one: she was hesitant about the timing of her visits and whether she would be able to return to her home country in time if necessary; whether she would have enough time for her stay in Lithuania; and what would happen in case of unexpected complications and delays in treatment. These and other doubts led a woman living abroad to search for information and answers to her questions. Although the process took some time, the answers were found and the best decision was made. A comparison of dental services in Lithuania and the country where Neringa currently works and lives revealed certain aspects that made her unequivocally prefer Lithuania.

The high level of expertise of the doctors; the excellent customer feedback; the attractive prices; the detailed and comprehensible information about the service and the stages of the treatment; the flexibility in scheduling the appointments – these were the reasons why it was easy to make the final decision. As Neringa later admitted, there was another reason for her decision, reminding us of the saying that home and walls help.

After assessing the condition of the teeth, a comprehensive treatment plan was drawn up, which involved several stages of dental treatment; implants; crowns and veneers. According to dentist Tomas Stumbrys, it took more time than the All-on-4 method would have required, but the results exceeded the patient’s expectations.

During the treatment, the missing teeth were restored with implants and the partially lost teeth were restored with crowns and veneers. The teeth were restored after a precise assessment of the shape, size and colour of the former teeth, so they look extremely natural and, most importantly, they restore a full life.

As you can see, a variety of solutions were used to restore the smile, but none of them caused any inconvenience – the visits were scheduled in advance and their duration was within the planned time, so Neringa had the opportunity to plan her trips comfortably. However, she is happy that the more frequent visits to Lithuania have given her not only a new smile, but also a chance to visit her home country.

Neringa notes that when living in a foreign country and wanting to get the best possible results at work, as well as to build a wider social circle, communication plays a very important role, and a smile can open up a lot of new opportunities. However, she said, this is not easy when one’s mood is dampened by recurring dental problems and poor dental health.

Today, all that is in the past, and the woman not only thanks the Papadent team for their responsibility, work, diligence, professionalism, patience and organisation in arranging the appointments, but she is already making new plans, saying that a new smile will be a great incentive to realise her unfulfilled dreams. She also used her example to dispel the myth that living and working in a foreign country will make it difficult to get dental treatment in Lithuania. Neringa says that anything can be achieved if you want it badly enough, and when you work with professionals like the Papadent team, even the most unexpected situations can be solved quickly and easily.

It’s no secret that a large number of people who need dental treatment, but live and work in foreign countries, are deterred from accessing these services in Lithuania by the thought of travelling. Most of them are convinced that it will take a lot of time and money and will significantly increase the cost of restoring their smile. However, Neringa assures that dental treatment in Vilnius is a cost-effective solution, as it ensures the highest quality results and long-lasting results. And the flexibility in scheduling her appointments has meant that Papadent and Palma’s friendship has continued to this day, with the woman visiting regularly for a dental check-up and professional oral hygiene.

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