Do you have a panic fear for needles or don’t like the unpleasant noises? Do you feel an uncontrollable stress? Do you prefer to suffer dental pain instead of going to dental clinic? You are not alone! A lot of people are afraid to go to the dentist, so the teeth remain untreated, but only few knows that in these cases a dentistry during dozing, when sedation is used, can help. Sedation – a safe repression of consciousness with sedative during the procedure, which helps to overcome anxiety, fear. It is carried out by a qualified anesthesiologist.

Before starting the prosthodontics procedure, sedatives are administered intravenously and therefore a person becomes relaxed, feels comfortably and peacefully. Due to administered drugs properties a patient can partially or completely forget about the procedure. During the procedure, the patient feels no pain, because along with sedation, a local anesthesia is carried out. it is recommended to apply intravenous sedation for especially sensitive patients who are worried about the procedure for a few days before the visit to the doctor. Age and treatment procedure (tooth repair, implants, surgical intervention) – are not relevant indicators for sedation, however before administrating it, it is necessary to inform the doctor about pregnancy, allergies, medications you use and medical conditions you have. This information will help the doctor decide what type of sedation to apply, and the patient will feel safe on their proper choice. Prior to sedation, a patient shall not eat for 6 hours before the procedure, and shall not to drink any liquids 2 hours before the procedure. Family of next-of-kin members should be informed about your decision, since you will need a person to accompany you at the procedure and take you after it.

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