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  • Megagen implants manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty. If the implant screwed into the patient does not integrate, it will be replaced with a new one After a dental implant surgery, each patient receives the original implant passport
MegaGen implant system has been designed to satisfy even the most demanding needs of patients.
Therefore, we can say that Megagen is the best solution for those who care about the reliability, high quality, guarantees and impeccable results.

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The high qualification of the doctor

Only competent doctors who have sufficient experience and knowledge in the field of dental implants, can work with Megagen implant system. Therefore, the right to use Megagen implants is granted only to those doctors, who meet the mentioned criteria, attended a special course of lectures, and passed the theoretical and practical exam.

Certified product which meets the highest quality standards

Megagen implant system meets the highest quality standards, confirming the safety, reliability and durability of the product. Advanced Megagen implants are designed so that a minimal invasive treatment is applied each time during the procedure, which lasts for a very short time (20-30 inutes) and causes no pain to the patient.

Dental implants should be the first choice of treatment in case of the loss of teeth.

The shorter treatment period

Doctors using Megagen implants can achieve far better results in a much shorter period of time. Megagen dental implants are made of titanium, a metal which is easily absorbed by the human organism and do not cause allergic reactions. Implant surface coated with calcium ions fuses together with the bone twice as fast, and threads of exceptional design ensures primary stability of the implant in the bone, like it was just screwed. Therefore, in many cases not only the surgical part, but also prosthodontics procedure may be carried out during the same visit.

Impeccable aesthetic appearance

Megagen implant system consists of very rich assortment of natural-looking prosthodontics parts from which a doctor may choose the most suitable variant for each, even the most difficult, case. Therefore, after the prosthodontics works, the patient can enjoy an impeccable aesthetic appearance.

Impeccable result

In developing Megagen implant system the focus of attention was the patient’s needs. Therefore, the product was well evaluated by highly qualified doctors who are able and willing to offer their patients the best results: impeccable aesthetic appearance, functionality, safety, reliability and durability.