All On 4 Dental Implants

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Replace missing teeth with dental implants and fixed beautiful teeth in just 24 hours! Currently the most advanced All-on-4 technique helps to recover all teeth. Unlike removable plates or dentures, all the teeth fixed to the implants are stable, it is not necessary to remove them, and heat, cold and taste is felt exactly the same as with natural teeth. Besides, you will be able to eat hard food without worrying that dentures might fall out. This revolutionary, life-changing technology is the most suitable for toothless or those people with many hopeless teeth. What options can these people choose from?

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  • We can restore all of your teeth for you!
  • Enjoy a full smile again with our excellent service!
  • Chew comfortably without worrying about the heat or the cold!
  • Smile and be happy without enduring the discomfort of dentures!

Procedure was taken

Comparison with other methods

Conventional implants
  • 6-8 and more implants
  • More expensive
  • 2-4 surgical procedures
  • Bone augmentation (accretion) is usually required
  • Prolonged treatment: 3-12 months till start of prosthodontics
All On 4 implants
  • Only 4 implants
  • Lower price in 40-60%
  • New teeth in 24 hours
  • No bone augmentation (accretion) required
  • Only one surgical procedure (teeth are removed and implants are screwed into during the same visit)
Removable dentures
  • Discomfort
  • Ineffective chewing
  • Phonetics problems
  • Bone loss (due to pressure jaw bone continues to atrophy to soft tissues)

All On 4 Procedure



During the consultation, the overall jaw shape is evaluated and treatment is planned.


Temporary aesthetic plastic denture

If necessary, hopeless teeth and their roots are removed. Implants are screwed into during the same visit. Temporary aesthetic plastic denture for implant treatment period is made and placed within 24 hours, which can be used, if necessary, for 1-2 years.


Procedure price

The price of the procedure – € 3697, the cheapest way from glum toothlessness to a happy life with real teeth and big smile!


After 7-10 days

Sutures are removed after 7-10 days.


Permanent prosthodontics in 6-18 months

Permanent prosthodontics procedure after 6-18 month with metal plastic or ceramic teeth.

6 Reasons to Choose All On 4 Treatment

  • You can have beautiful teeth within 1-2 days – even if you were told that you do not have enough bone for implants.​
  • Success rate – even 97 percent.
  • In most case, prolonged and painful bone augmentation procedures are not necessary.
  • ​The procedure is well tolerated, it may be completed within 1.5-3 hours.
  • ​The procedure can often be performed to patients with osteoporosis and diabetes, to whom bone accretion usually contraindicated.
  • You will save up 40-50 percent of funds in comparison with conventional implants and bone accretion.

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A new set of real teeth for affordable price within 24 hours!
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Types of All On 4 Dentures

Temporary All on 4® prosthesis

The temporary dental prosthesis you’ve had installed within the the first 24 hours after implantation is made acrylic material and braided wire. It is perfectly suited for the time that is necessary for the implant to take root. However, it would still be preferable if you moved on to a permanent one after the swelling of the mucosa has ceased and the gums have settled.

The procedure is recommended within 4-6 months after the implantation. Modern prostheses are made of materials that are very sturdy and long-lasting. They also ensure normal chewing and look really aesthetically pleasing.


  • They can be put on within 24 hours after implantation
  • The color, size and shape make them look realistic


  • The prosthesis is temporary, it may crack or break
  • If many teeth are removed, spaces may appear between the prosthesis and the mucosa once the gums settle
  • The bite and design may not be ideal and may require correction
  • The warranty for this prosthesis is only 6 months
  • The prosthesis may become porous and the color may change

All on 4® Prosthesis with metal frame and acrylic teeth

This prosthesis has a long lifespan and is quite sturdy. Its main element is the metal frame which is not visible from the outside, as well as the acrylic teeth.

Compared to the temporary prosthesis, this prosthesis is a much improved variant. It is built step-by-step in a laboratory. Practically any shape, color and size of teeth may be chosen.


  • Comparatively low all on 4 dental implants cost
  • Strong metal frame
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easily repairable


  • After 5-8 years, depending on the patient‘s habits and anatomical situation, the acrylic teeth may need to be changed or restored because they wear down
  • Over a period of 5 years, acrylic teeth may break. This happens to around 5% of patients, around 80% of whom are male. The breaks are repaired easily, but it is mandatory to take the prosthesis off and send it to dental technician‘s laboratory. This may be a problem if you live in another city or country 

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  • This prosthesis gathers plaque much more when compared to other alternatives. This sometimes results in a change in color and loss of shine, especially if the patient is a smoker
  • The acrylic element has a warranty of 1 year
  • At least 15mm of space is needed in the mouth, which may not be possible to accomplish in an aesthetic manner. If there is less space, the risk of breaks increases

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Prosthesis with metal frame and ceramic finish

This prosthesis is made by finishing a metal frame with a ceramic layer. The color matches the natural color of the teeth. Such prostheses are very aesthetically pleasing, and they’re resistant to wear. They are also cheaper than zirconium ceramic prostheses, but do not let light through, which may look unnatural. The ceramic finish may also break and this prosthesis is much more difficult to repair than the acrylic one.

It is used produced if there is less than 12mm of vertical space in the mouth. Metal-ceramic prostheses are manufactured in a laboratory, where the shapes, colors and sizes of natural teeth are reproduced precisely. This prosthesis is up to par in aesthetics and physical qualities with to zirconium ceramic.


  • Long-lasting dental prosthesis
  • The given warranty offered by the clinic is 2 years and may be prolonged for an additional year should the patient take part in the Dental Hygiene program
  • The prosthesis is finished with ceramic and looks more aesthetically pleasing than an acrylic variant
  • Resistant to wear
  • Cheaper than zirconium ceramic prosthesis
  • Looks natural
  • Needs less space, may be manufactured to be slim


  • Does not let light through, the prosthesis is not transparent, thus it may look slightly less natural
  • Ceramic breaks are quite frequent
  • Repair is difficult
  • Abrasive – the natural teeth on the other side of the jaw wear faster

Zirconium prosthesis with ceramic finish

This prosthesis is very aesthetically pleasing and is made from zirconium oxide. It is milled using a computer milling machine. This results in a monolith frame.

While making prosthetics for teeth, one of the most important criteria is aesthetics. Choosing a zirconium prosthesis ensures that your prosthetic teeth look really natural.

In comparison to metal-ceramic, the zirconium prosthesis is of a white color and refracts light. If the prosthesis is fixed to an implant, it makes contact with the gums.

This is why it is important to ensure that the material of the prosthesis is not allergenic. Zirconium ceramic is accepted by the body as a natural material, which means that the prosthesis does not cause any discomfort and it doesn’t leave any specific taste. Zirconium ceramic is a perfect fit for patients who are looking for long-lasting aesthetics and a sturdy build quality.


  • The best combination of beauty and sturdiness
  • Most patients agree that these prosthetics felt the most like their own teeth
  • The clinic offers a warranty of 2 years which may be prolonged by one year should the patient take part in the Dental Hygiene program
  • The prosthesis is finished with ceramic. It is also shiny and pleasant to look at
  • Retracts light
  • Biologically inert, does not provoke allergies
  • Collects the least plaque, does not undergo discoloration


  • It is more expensive than a metal-ceramic prosthesis