4 Mini Implants

For denture stabilization

Only 949 €

Mini implants (MDI) – is a new reliable treatment method for patients who lost their teeth and wears removable dentures. What is more, it is a great alternative to relatively expensive dental implants.

This clinically tested treatment method, where the plate stabilization and fixation is improved by using mini implants, is applied for more than 15 years. When choosing this method, patients can comfortably eat, enjoy the food, talk and smile already after a few days.

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Mini implants Minimal procedure with maximum effect!

Today, a common dental implantation after loosing all or most of the teeth is still inaccessible to many patients. Mini implants differ from conventional implants in their size and are intended to stabilize removable dentures. It is a great solution for those, who are not comfortable with removable dentures, however cannot afford the standard dental implantation. Most commonly this procedure is applied to lower jaw.

  • ​Implantation with mini implants is a minimal invasive procedure to the patient, i.e. no bone regeneration and sinus lift surgery is necessary, 4 mm wide and 10 mm high bone is sufficient.
  • Small chance of post-operative discomfort.
  • One treatment visit is enough – dentures can be placed on the same day of the surgery.​
  • Economical method of treatment – at least 3 times cheaper than conventional implants.

MDI dental implants are recommended in the following cases:

  • When a patient does not wish for prolonged complex treatment in case of the conventional implants
  • When there is not enough bone for the application of conventional implants;
  • When a patient wishes a cheaper treatment than in application of conventional implants.

How are the dentures stabilized by using the mini dental implants?

The system of mini dental implants consist of miniature titanium alloy implants, screwed into the bone, and a corresponding retaining fixture that is incorporated into the removable denture. The ball-shaped head of the implant, protruding from the bone, goes to the socket in the denture. Rubber ring tightly seals the head of the implant in the socket and the denture is stable in the mouth. Denture basis gently adheres to the gums. Small movements are available in the fixed sockets, so they can be operated with natural chewing force.

How are the mini dental implants screwed into?

An accurate minimally traumatizing procedure is performed, during which mini implants are screwed into the jaw. Most commonly the visit to the odontologist takes up to two hours, local anesthetic is administered. Heads of the implants protrude above the gum, creating a solid foundation to denture stabilization. The healing period is much shorter than when conventional implants are applied – denture can be placed already on the same day. As with any other procedure, risks should not be forgotten.

Odontologist should decide whether this procedure is right for you.

How are you going to feel after the first day of treatment?

You may feel a slight discomfort, a little pain, but the pain can be reduced with medicine. You will feel the denture is safe and stable in the mouth. You will be able to chew and eat right away, however you will have to avoid especially hard and sticky food for sometime.

How should you take care of implants and dentures?

It is recommended to brush small implants with a special toothbrushes “Access” as if they were natural teeth. These toothbrushes are designed specially for implants to clean and to stimulate surrounding tissues of the gum.

How do you feel after the first day of treatment?

You may feel slight discomfort may be a little sore, but the pain may be reduced for drugs. You will feel that the denture in the mouth safe and stable. You can immediately eat and chew, but some time will have to avoid very hard and sticky foods.

What implants and prosthetic care?

Small implants are recommended to clean the special brushes Access, as if they were natural teeth. These brushes designed specifically to clean the implants and surrounding tissues to stimulate the gums.

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