Aesthetic Filling

Aesthetic Filling

Do not be afraid to be nice. Aesthetically impeccable teeth will change
your mood and attitude of surrounding to you.

The assessment of smile aesthetics we pay attention to every detail: the color of teeth, straightness, tooth shape, tooth line of symmetry, plug of the tooth spacing and so on. Our aesthetic restoration experts in the shortest possible time will correct your dental defects and arrange a whole – great looking smile.

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  • Tooth color defects, yellowed teeth, rusty teeth, dark teeth. Crooked front teeth arc.
  • Worn, crumbled off or broken tooth decay, damaged teeth.
  • Aesthetic gaps between the teeth.
  • Other problems.


Only this month – the price from 79€!
Contact now: 869 999 911

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  • We use minimally invasive and maximally efficient technologies;
  • Whenever possible, we seek to follow the principle of “all – in one sitting“;
  • We guarantee the quality of high-precision sealing materials: “Gaenial”,“, „“Estelite”“ etc.;
  • We are flexible: we can work at a convenient time for the most affordable prices.
  • Helping to relax: if you don‘t want to be involved into procedure, you will be able to watch videos.

Only this month – the price from 79€!

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Aesthetic restoration work – not only for the beauty business. That’s why:

  • Damaged and untreated teeth begin to come apart. If the damaged tooth enamel is exposed to, stimulated nerve channels and teeth become sensitive and painful.
  • Damaged tooth sensitivity does not pain-free for use in cold, hot, sweet, sour food and drinks.
  • Damaged and untreated teeth are susceptible and easily exposed to the bacteria that cause various diseases.
  • The overhaul of the dental tissues more rapidly evolving space ( “holes”), which became a dental pain and illnesses.

Aesthetic restoration: what else you need to know.

In order to assess if your cosmetic dental problems can be solved by aesthetic restoration, it is necessary to consult with doctor. In cases where the teeth are damaged too strong, you may be required aesthetic prosthetic ceramic laminates or full ceramic crowns. In order to achieve a better aesthetic result, the treatment is sometimes recommended with teeth whitening. After this procedure must be 10-14 days gap. In cases where the teeth need to extend and fundamentally change the shape, sometimes the doctor will need to prepare filling removable prints and wax on a plaster model for the future restoration. This makes it possible to see in advance the end result.

Aesthetically remanufactured dental care. Direct aesthetic restorations can regale you for many years healthy and beautiful smile, but it is necessary to follow the doctor’s instructions for personal oral hygiene, avoid extremely solid food, bad habits: nail biting, pens, pencils, nails holding the restored tooth. To restore the teeth to maintain long lasting shine, it is recommended not to use aggressive whitening toothpastes and at least once a year to visit doctor.