What to do when old age comes sooner than expected?

Sofia underwent All-on-4 implantation

When Sophie opened the door to the PAPADENT dental office, she felt uncomfortable. She felt guilty for waiting so long. She had 0 teeth left in her upper jaw! Sophie joked shyly that old age had touched her mouth before her body. To encourage her, the specialists joked that she would need to pull fewer teeth.

The 5 remaining teeth in the lower jaw were in poor condition and it was decided by consensus to remove them. After mouth preparation:

All-on-4 technique was used;
6 implants in the upper jaw and 4 in the lower jaw.


A few months later, the temporary dentures were replaced by zirconia. After regaining her beautiful smile, Sophie decided to get back into active life and found a job that she loves.

In fact, patients waiting until there is nothing left to pull are not that rare. However, you shouldn’t wait so long, even if you spend time at home and are used to hiding your smile. It’s not healthy for your psyche or your body.

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