Therapeutic Treatment

Initial inspection EUR 10
Dental consultation (15min) EUR 10
Dr. depth. dental situation analysis, consultation, treatment plan (30 min.) EUR 25
Emergency Services (15-30min) From EUR 20
Analgesia EUR 6
Diagnostic X-ray EUR 6
Panoramic photo EUR 20
Computed Tomography EUR 70
Dense composite seal EUR 30
The Temporary Seal (IRM) EUR 15
Pulp coating MTA EUR 29
Glass Ionomer Seal EUR 25
Small Seal EUR 50
Average seal EUR 60
A large Seal EUR 70
Total chewing surface seal EUR 90
Aesthetic front Teeth EUR 80-150
Lining material (calcium hydroxide) EUR 10
Cofferdams Ring EUR 5
A Dental Crown Restoration of some Attrition Over 1/3 Crown Height EUR 60
A dental crown restoration of some attrition to 1/3 crown height EUR 50
dental restoration composite (Rebilda / SDR / Enacem) EUR 30
Metal cult liner EUR 85
Tooth restoration of glass fiber and composite pin EUR 85
Additional fiberglass pins EUR 15

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