Implants With Zirconium Crown

Only this moth – all implants with zirconium crown for the price of implants with metal ceramics

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€960 Only € 810


€1164 Only €1020


€1080 Only €930

Zirconium ceramics crown – the choice of the wise

  • Special sturdiness allows to ensure product durability;
  • Full profile (without ceramic finish) zirconium crowns are safe to use even for the patients who grind the teeth;
  • Permeable to light, therefore, truly natural looking teeth are restored;
  • Wear resistant, preserving the original quality of the service;
  • Produced by computer planning and milling – the most accurate method currently used in the world of odontology;
  • avoidable metal components unwanted by the most patients;
  • Biocompatible, well tolerated by the organism and therefore is ideal for people with allergies.

It is obvious, the zirconium ceramics is one of the safest and most effective options for those who seek a truly high-quality, comprehensively safe and comfortable final result.

Implants are rescue for those who lost their teeth

If you are still unsure of the best way to recover your teeth, do not hesitate, this is the biggest dental achievement today and the most advanced and reliable way to restore the lost teeth. Of course, there is a possibility to have prosthetic bridges, however it irreversible violates the supporting teeth, which usually need to be removed after 5-10 years of construction termination time, and you have a bigger defect which cannot be solved by bridges.

Remember that dental implants:

  • Are very rarely rejected;
  • Never create speech defects;
  • Prevent the jaw bone from atrophy, which is frequent after the loss of teeth (stimulated by the implant, the bone does not decrease);
  • Protect adjacent teeth from inclination, deformation, prevent the formation of gaps;
  • Are strong and stable like real teeth, so you can eat a variety of foods without any embarrassment;
  • Guarantee the long-term results – properly maintained implants can serve a lifetime;
  • And, of course, restore an impeccable smile.

Dantų implantai skirti visiems išties mylintiems save ir tausojantiems organizmą bei savo burnos sveikatą.

Dental implants are intended for all those who love themselves and really care about their organism, oral health.

If you choose implants, will be able to enjoy high-quality, aesthetic, and even a lifetime lasting results! Entrust your smile to us – an experienced, responsible and professional team of doctors!

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